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Xiamen Fliport Meeting & Conference Service Co.
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Fujian Bai Xiang-day kitchen food company
Xiamen Fliport galley food company
Travel Channel Media Company
Fliport Garden Hotel Wuyishan
Fuzhou Fliport Venice Seaview Hotel
Fliport Hotel Zhangzhou Yuanshan
Fliport Xiamen Jimei Motor City Hotel
Xiamen Fliport Wutong Holel
Fliport Hostel
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Extreme courtesy The type of membership card
Gold Card Honor Card Luxury Card Xiang Card
1 Receive one with the "Bai Xiang will be" gold club logo badge
2 Enjoy the big city hotels, clubs, VIP privileges
3 Xiamen, Fuzhou, Longyan, Wuyishan four airports, sea and air transport Xiamen five terminals the VIP privileges (special VIP access, exclusive VIP parking
4 Check Fliport Group of Hotels can enjoy VIP privileges
5 Members with membership card, I can enjoy the designated free coffee, tea
6 Enjoy "Bai Xiang will be" high-end members of social systems and business information exchange platform, free access to "Bai Xiang will" journal, membership exclusive event information
7 Free use of small meeting venue (by appointment)
1 time / month

1 / Quarter
8 Enjoy personal butler-style service, Business secretarial services
9 First taste of feature new dishes, chef club members will be based on design with health food health
10 Entitled to free medical services each year
11 In the clubhouse dining, enjoy drink driving services on behalf of (limited to the island area)
12 Enjoy free participation in the club held a variety of senior salon, forum activities
13 Business Club members enjoy exclusive Fliport area
14 Bai Xiang's hotel stay can enjoy free airport shuttle service
15 Enjoy the beautiful birthday gift
Remarks "Bai Xiang will" set the members enjoy special discounts do not apply to outside catering, banquets, special promotions or discount programs, major holidays, activities and enjoy within the group discount, discount prices, the company agreement, except the service fee does not participate in discounts. Bai Xiang interpret specific business clubs all.

Special Offers  
We guaranteed room availability at elite room rate, service of priority check-in and check-out and free daily newspaper if reserved in advance in each hotel of our Group.
Free airport shuttle (booking 30 minutes in advance).
Enjoy the subsidiary companies’ bonus to use their own services or products, including shopping, dining, room, washing, property services and other products, excluding living seafood, tobacco, alcohol, drinks, etc.
Enjoy the discounts in some shops in Xiamen Airport, Fuzhou Airport, Longyan Airport and Xiamen Wutong Quay Passenger Terminal.
Free Fliport Club Journal and other special offers information.
Enjoy the VIP guests discounts in Xiamen, Fuzhou , Longyan and Wuyishan airports and Xiamen Wutong terminal, including:
   VIP reception in the departure hall
   Free help when Check-in
   Security check in a special channel
   Rest in the first-class waiting room
   Enjoy foods and drinks
   Free local telephone,television and newspaper
   Boarding guidance

Note: These special offers do not apply to catering, banquets, special promotions or discounted items, major holidays, activities and the discounted price within the Group. Our Group is entitled to the right of final interpretation.

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