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The Westin Xiamen
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Xiamen Fliport Meeting & Conference Service Co.
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Fujian Bai Xiang-day kitchen food company
Xiamen Fliport galley food company
Travel Channel Media Company
Fliport Garden Hotel Wuyishan
Fuzhou Fliport Venice Seaview Hotel
Fliport Hotel Zhangzhou Yuanshan
Fliport Xiamen Jimei Motor City Hotel
Xiamen Fliport Wutong Holel
Fliport Hostel

Brief Introduction
Organizational Structure
Fliport Culture
Fliport Video
Fliport Network

Charming Fliport,    Urban Oasis
Top kind as water,   Endless Aftertaste
As a high-level hotel group, we firmly believe that the highest good is like that of water, the goodness of which is that it benefits the ten thousands of creatures.
Our charm comes from our good hearts, as well as the harmony between human and nature. This warm feeling of life will leave you endless aftertaste. We create a tranquil outdoor life and the pleasant space to experience our culture in the bustling city. Green and environmental protection is the true experience of our brand. And our sincere and kindness will nourish your heart like the spring.

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